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Dominate Rush Poker: Strategies for Winning Play

It’s official: Rush Poker is here to stay. It’s the newest game at Full Tilt Poker, and it’s getting more popular by the second. Some folks said the gold rush wouldn’t last; some said it was a passing fad; some said it was just a bad game. All of these people were wrong. As we’ve all now seen, Rush Poker is the future of online poker.

We want to help you make the switch to Rush. Once you do, you’ll be amazed at how easy—and best of all, fun—making money at poker can be. If you haven’t played Rush yet, head over to our Rush Poker introduction. That’ll get you acquainted with the basics, so that you won’t be totally lost when you first sit down.

Then, get a handle on how to shed your old habits; Adjusting from Regular Poker to Rush Poker isn’t hard, you just need to stay on top of the newest strategies. There are tons of New Features in Rush Poker, but they’re all easy to learn and master. We want to show you how to use these new features to your advantage.

One of these new features is called Quick Fold, and it’s what makes Rush Poker so incredibly fast. You can throw your cards away at any time, and pick up a new hand every 2 seconds, if you want. This is a great feature—if you know how to use it properly. Using Quick Fold in Rush Poker is an art; we’ll help you avoid the most common Quick Fold mistakes, in order to plug potential leaks before they show up.

Once you’ve got the basics down, it’s important to get a handle on the Mathematics and Rush Poker. Math is the basis for all poker, and Rush is no different in this respect. Once you’ve mastered our math introduction, try out some more advanced mathematics; knowing how to analyze Implied Odds in Rush Poker is a skill that will take you far.

Next, learn how to play proper Rush Poker Before the Flop; it’s a bit different from preflop strategy in normal-poker, and you’ll need to carefully tweak your game. Once you feel like your preflop game has adjusted to Rush, you’ll want to learn about Playing Rush Poker After the Flop. Our preflop and postflop rush guides will help you to start thinking deeply about all aspects of your game.

Although you’ll play every single hand against randomly selected opponents in Rush Poker, psychology remains important. You’ll need to pay attention not only to how your opponents act, but also to your own mental state. Avoiding Tilt in Rush Poker will be the most money-saving strategy you’ll ever come across; there’s no way to lose more money in a short period of time than to play Rush on tilt. Our goal is to keep you tiltless for every second you’re at the tables, and in the end, to save you some cash.

You’ll want to master the art of always playing your A-game. This means fostering a productive environment in which you feel comfortable. Staying Tilt-Free is not easy, but we’ll help you discover exactly what makes you tick.

Once you’ve learned to monitor your own thoughts and emotions, you’ll want to learn about Reading Opponents in Rush Poker. Yes, it’s true—you can still read opponents in a blazing-fast, random game of poker. The reads you’ll need to pay attention to are a bit different from the reads you’re probably used to making. Any way you put it, reads are there; paying attention to your opponents will net you a lot of long-run profit.

All of our Rush Poker guides are right here waiting for you; will you take the first steps towards Rush mastery? Read them, learn them, bookmark them—review these articles often. These strategies will help you take your game from blow to pro. And we’re not even asking for a cut.

Happy moneymaking.





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