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Adjusting from Regular Poker to Rush Poker in 3 Easy Steps

Fellow poker player: youíve spent all of your time over the last couple years perfecting your game. And now, thereís this new Rush Poker thing at Full Tilt to deal with. But no worries! Adjusting is easy. Follow these steps, youíll win at Rush Poker easily:

1. Down three cans of your favorite high-caffeine energy drink.

2. Strap on a helmet and take your laptop to the gym.

3. Set a treadmill to 100mph, fire up Rush, and watch the hands fly by.

Just kidding. But the game is very fast, and you will have to make some changes to your strategy, especially since youíre used to playing slowpoke-poker. Hereís a more serious three steps to success:

1. Get used to playing blind; donít rely on reads.

2. Tighten up preflop, since a good hand is only clicks away.

3. Donít get tricky postflop; play solid, ABC poker.

Step 1: Ignore Everybody Around You

Sounds like something out of a guidebook for making friends. But really, you donít want to be wasting time analyzing opponentsí tendencies. Youíre playing against a random bunch of hooligans every hand. Itís not useful to take note of JohnnySuperPokerís button 3bet. You probably wonít see him again for a while.

Did MelissaP0ker26 make a really weird bet under the gun? Strange, but who cares? Certainly not you. You wonít see her again for hundreds of hands. Are you going to remember what she did under the gun 200 hands later?

No, and you shouldnít try to remember. In Rush Poker, long-term reads simply arenít a factor. Stick to playing your cards, and playing them well. Youíll save yourself both brain-strain and money.

Step 2: Put A Leash on Your Inner LAG

No more wild moves preflop. Sure, throwing out light 4-bets is a fun way to piss off weak nits. But in Rush, you have no idea if the guy next to you is a weak nit or Phil Ivey. Thus your crazy moves are bound to backfire.

Anyway, you donít even need to be making crazy moves in Rush. You can just quick fold your way into Aces. If you thought full-ring NLHE was a nit-fest, you havenít seen the guys winning at rush (not that there are many of them). Thereís no reason to be playing marginal hands, as you canít make up for their marginality with your reads. Just play your cards.

Consider this: if youíre dealt a bad hand in rush poker, you can quick fold and get a new hand in less than a second. You already knew that, I know. But really consider it. Bash it into your head.

ďI do not need to play bad hands.Ē Say it out loud, three times.

ďI can quick fold until I get good cards.Ē LouderóLOUDER!

ďI will quick fold and play really tight preflop.Ē One more time, say it! Say it good!

The fish at the Rush Poker tables will still be playing bad hands preflop. These are the people youíll be winning money from. It follows that in order to counter their bad hands, youíve got to play good ones. Hello, revolution!

Sit tight and hit quick fold. You wonít regret it.

Step 3: He Wasnít Bluffing. No, ReallyÖ

Maybe when he called you down two streets, he was waiting to get paid off. No, almost certainly he was, no matter who he was or what game it was. Donít try to make moves in Rush Poker. Just play solid, ABC poker. Go for value, not balls.

I know you love crazy moves like floating flops and check-raising turns with air. So do I, and take it from me: if you want to win in rush poker, start un-loving them. Again: you have no history with any of your opponents in rush. You do not have the information you need to do crazy things.

You do, however, have hole cards. If youíre far along enough in a hand, you have a board as well. Use these things to determine how youíll play a hand. For instance:

- If you have trips, you have a good hand. Be aggressive and play for keeps.

- If you have a full house, go for value.

- If youíve got top pair top kicker, your hand is good but not great. Use flop and turn action as a guide as to how to handle the river. Play for value, but not too thin.

And so it goes. Play your cards, donít make moves. If you have equity, go for value. Donít try to push people off of hands, and donít assume you know what an opponent is trying to do. You donít.

Rush Poker, despite the hype, is a conservative game. Play tight, solid, and win stacks. Itís that easy.

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