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When Quick Becomes Too Quick: Using Quick Fold Properly in Rush Poker

The new quick fold feature in Rush Poker can be awesome. Itís definitely great to be able to toss your trashy hands before your turn to act; itís even better that you get to leave the table instantly. Quick fold is no doubt a pretty helpful tool. But can it also be harmful?

Definitely. Itís very easy to fall into playing a robotic game in Rush Poker. Quick fold encourages fast, thoughtless decisions. You might find that the sheer speed of Rush breaks your focus. If you arenít concentrating on each individual decision 100%, you arenít playing your A-game. Itís as simple as that.

In Rush you need to work extra-hard to maintain your focus. You need to pay attention to each individual move you make. Lack of attention leads to misclicks and general silliness. These things are not conducive to making a profit.

If you want to keep your Rush Poker game sharp, keep your mind focused and alert. Here are some tips on how you can make the quick fold button work for you.

Quick Fold Tip: Follow the 1-2-3-Click Method.

You want to be absolutely sure that every move you make in poker is as correct as possible. This means paying attention to the variables, evaluating your options, and choosing the best course of action. How can you do any of these things if youíre blindly quick-folding hands?

In order to avoid slipping into autopilot preflop, adopt a step-by-step decision making system that youíll use whenever itís your turn to act. I recommend the following simple 3-step framework:

1. Count to 2.

2. Verbalize your cards and your position.

3. Make your decision.

Step 1 forces you to slow down your reaction time. Yes, the game is called Rush Poker, but itís not a race. Youíre not beating anyone but yourself by acting quickly for no reason. Force yourself to stop before you act, and youíll find yourself making better decisions.

Counting to 2 may seem like an arbitrary thing to do. Youíre rightóit is. Do whatever you want, but make it something concrete and measurable. Say ďpanda snowmanĒ instead of counting. The point is to break your auto-folding tendencies by doing something active.

Step 2 forces you to really internalize your situation. Itís very easy to look at a computer screen, but just because you look does not mean you see. Iíve been in situations whereóusually when Iím tiredóIíve actually passed by excellent hands because of a failure to see. I had myself in such a deal-fold, deal-fold type routine that I wasnít thinking through my actions. Verbalizing your holdings and your position will get your brain moving and help you focus on the hand.

Step 3 is usually the only step in most playersí decision-making processes. As you well know, 90% of all poker players are career losers. These are the players who donít follow a mental framework of thought; they skip right to action.

Inserting two steps before you act will really ensure that your action is focused, thought-out, and purposeful; three things that your opponentsí actions will not be.

Quick Fold Tip: Donít Rush Through Late Position!

Rush Poker plays very tight preflop. Weaker regulars are rewarded for narrowing their range, and many do so. Fish are still bad and will still play lots of garbage; however thereís really no way to identify or quantify these fish with certainty. Itís safe to assume that preflop ranges in general tighten up.

Thus it becomes very profitable to steal blinds. In my experience, the small blind quick folds a large percentage of the time, thus leaving only the player in the BB to contend with. The BB rarely has a great hand, and has no incentive to play marginal holdings just to defend. Taking a stab at the blinds is highly profitable.

Getting into the quick fold habit can prevent you from identifying good stealing situations. If youíre folding in autopilot, you probably wonít be paying very much attention to position. Youíll miss out on a great many opportunities to take down small pots.

In order to avoid passing up these opportunities, it is useful to follow a decision-making framework (like the one outlined above). Anything that will slow down your thoughts and force you to focus is good. You want to be totally alert and aware. Youíre looking for spots to win pots, not to quick fold without reason.

It all boils down to focus. Quick fold is helpful in that it allows you to ditch bad hands quickly. You can see more hands per hour using it, and by all means you should. However it can also encourage shoddy decision-making. Combat this by adopting a method that will force you to think deeply.

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