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Rush Poker Before the Flop: Hand Ranges and Position

Have you heard the story about the Rush Poker player? You know, the one who went busto in about a half-hour? Apparently, he tried to play a LAG game in Rush Holdem. He raised his marginal hands into oblivion. Now he’s working at McDonalds.

If you’d prefer to not work at McDonalds (no offense, Mickey D’s employees) then you should master a tight, solid preflop game. There’s no excuse to be playing wild, reckless poker now that you’ve got a quick fold button. You now have a little blue buddy whose goal is to help you play tight.

That said, you don’t want to focus so hard on playing tight that you forget about position. Position is still important, and you need to use it to your advantage. The old “tight early, loose late” adage applies in Rush. Everything in moderation, though.

Here’s a guide to keeping a tight preflop range for each position in Rush Poker. Pay attention to your cards, and you can’t go wrong.

Playing Rush Poker from Early Position

Early position consists of the blinds, and the first couple seats after. Early position is called “early” because—can you guess?—you’re early in the betting order. You act first, and thus are at a huge disadvantage.

Acting first means you don’t get to see what everyone else does. You get less information about how the hand’s going to unfold. Therefore you should play really tight, as you’re pretty much playing blind as a bat.

From the blinds and the first few positions, play these hands:

  • 66+ (22+ if you’re comfortable with it).
  • AQ, AK suited.
  • AK offsuit.
  • KQ suited (again, if you’re comfortable with it)
No doubt, this is a tight range. In a game of normal-paced poker, you might have a case for whining about it: “awwww but I’ve gotta wait soooo long to get to late position, where I can really play!” But that’s no excuse in Rush, bucko; you’ve got a quick fold button—use it! Skip to the next hand—in a new position—and take what comes.

Playing Rush from Middle Position

In the middle few seats, you can open up a bit. At least compared to the early seats. You’ve got the benefit of being able to see what those early guys do with their hands. That counts for something.

In middle position, play:
  • 22+
  • ATs-AKs
  • AQo, AKo
  • QJs, KQs.
Again, still pretty tight. I’m probably even being liberal in my recommendations here. Remember: yes, you have position and that’s great, but you can still quick fold.

The presence alone of the quick fold button gives you an incentive to throw away even minimally marginal hands. There’s absolutely no sense in taking a risk preflop in Rush Poker, so play it safe.

Playing Rush Poker from Late Position

Here’s where you get to unleash the monster. You can still play loose in late position, if you want to. You can 3-bet certain hands because of your positional advantage. You can raise limpers to punish their stupidity. But you still need to be conservative.

One thing you must always do in late position is steal the blinds, if you’re folded to. The great thing about Rush Poker is that lots of players will be using the quick fold button, and thus have probably checked out of your table long before you make a move. The small blind will more often than not have given up his hand by the time you act; that increases your chances of stealing successfully. You’ll pick up blinds a lot more frequently than in a normal-paced game.

Play a nice, wide range from late position. Include the following hands:
  • 22+
  • A8s-AKs
  • ATo-AKo
  • KJs+
  • TJo+ (offsuit connectors)
  • 67s+ (suited connectors)
  • 79s+ (suited two-gappers)
See, it’s not all fold-fold-fold. You can play lots of hands from late position, and you should play them hard and fast. Just because it’s Rush Poker doesn’t make it position-free poker. Being last to act always comes with significant advantages, no matter what game you’re playing.

Remember: Quick Fold!

Just in case you’re ever tempted to play a less-than-great hand from any position, just say the words: “quick fold!” Remind yourself that an excellent hand is only a few quick clicks away; there is absolutely no excuse for playing garbage in Rush Poker.

In sum, tight is right, but have some fun in late position. Have fun quick folding your way into lots of cash.


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