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Rush Poker and Psychology: Getting in The Game and Staying Tilt-Free

Tilt sucks, but it happens to the best of us. Even pros lose their cool from time to time, especially in Rush Poker. Weíve discussed how to identify tilt and how to cut it off when it happens; now letís talk about how to prevent it in the first place.

Poker is largely a game of the mind. You review hands and practice math in order to sharpen your card skills. These activities surely feed your technical game. But do you do all you can to foster a positive mindset?

Now donít think Iím getting all new-age on you here. Iím not talking about doing Zen prayers before your sessions, or sacrificing goats to the poker gods. Iím talking about creating an environment in which you feel comfortable; about playing in a good place, both mentally and physically.

Most players donít even consider how preparing for a Rush Poker session might affect their game. Maybe thatís why they tilt so much. Here are some preventative tips to help you stay tilt-free.

Anti-Tilt Tip #1: Thou Art Angry, Do Not Play

Itís a really simple concept, but so many players ignore it. Before you even consider playing poker, you need to seriously examine your mental state. Are you angry? Did some jerk cut you off on the way home? Did the Broncos lose for the 8th time in a row?

If you join a Rush Poker game in an emotionally charged state, youíre going to screw up. I can state this with absolute certainty. You will make silly mistakes, and you will lose money.

Anti-Tilt Tip #2: Messy Desk, Messy Mind

This little factor can have a huge effect on your game. Playing in a cluttered environment will foster foggy thoughts. You wonít even notice it; it will just happen, and youíll be left wondering where all those stacks went.

Keep your playing area clean. You donít need to disinfect every surface in the room; just tidy up loose papers, books, and stationery. Organize your workspace, preferably keeping anything you donít need in order to play poker hidden.

Life tip: This applies equally to any sort of work you do as it does to Rush Poker. Itís amazing what a clean workspace can do for your productivity!

Anti-Tilt Tip #3: Eat, Sleep, and Poker

Do not play on an empty stomach. Your brain cannot function properly lacking the proper fuel. Studies have been done on children, and the results are in: kids who eat breakfast score better on tests than those who donít. Thus food = smart. Be smart, and fill your belly. Eat your Shreddies and profit.

Likewise you donít want to be playing Rush Poker when youíre tired. I mean, the game is incredibly fast in the first place; imagine trying to keep up with the action on 2 hours of sleep.

Before you sit down to play poker, ask yourself this question: would I be comfortable operating a circular saw right now? I highly doubt youíd start a carpentry project when you havenít eaten in half a day. I also doubt youíd begin constructing a cabinet so tired youíre unable to tell your right from your left.

Poker is no different from making cabinets. It is a skillful undertaking, and like any activity of skill, you need to be alert enough to utilize your knowledge.

Anti-Tilt Tip #3: Your Landlord CalledÖ Turn Off Your Music

Pretend your neighbors are complaining or something, and just get rid of your tunes. You will not be able to concentrate with rock or rap music blaring out of your computer speakers. No matter how much youíd like to think youíre focused, with loud, aggressive music on, you simply arenít.

If youíre the type who just cannot stand silence, put on some Beethoven or Wagner. Low-key symphonic music has been shownóin some casesóto actually increase focus and concentration. In any case, it wonít distract you. Thatís way more than can be said for rock or rap.

Anti-Tilt Tip #4: A Room Of Oneís Own

A lot of us Rush Poker players are of a somewhat solitary disposition. In order to focus, we need to be alone; any interruptions can throw us off for the remainder of a session.

If youíre this type of person, make sure that youíre unreachable for the duration of your Rush session. Thereís nothing worse than having your kids barge into your office in the middle of a hand; your flow will be broken and your concentration shattered.

Close the door, lock it, and throw away the key. Unplug your phone. Shut the blinds. Itís important that you play in a comfortable environment. If you donít you leave yourself open and vulnerable to tilt.

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