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PokerStars Loyalty Rakeback

PokerStars is known for a lot of exceptional features. For starters, PokerStars is the number one online poker room in the industry in regards to active player traffic, attracting near or better than 100,000 players at most times during throughout the day. PokerStars is also known for its massive tournament schedule, providing the most lucrative line-up of any online poker room.

What PokerStars is not known for, unfortunately, is Rakeback incentives. With so much to offer, how is it that the online poker room does not provide a PokerStars Rakeback? Well, to be perfectly honest, you can get the equivalent of a PokerStars Rakeback by taking advantage of the PokerStars Loyalty Program.

Any serious online poker player is aware of the valuable benefits that come from an online poker Rakeback program. When combined with bonuses and other promotional offers, these aspects can actually turn a regular break-even poker player into a profiteering winner.

PokerStars presents arguably the best VIP Loyalty Program of any online poker room. Simply playing for real money at the online poker room grants each member Frequent Player Points, known as FPPs. These FPPs are incredibly valuable and highly diverse. Players can use these points to enter special cash-prize tournaments, or trade them in for some pretty awesome merchandise, like high-tech electronics, poker books and DVDs, apparel, even a brand new car. Not just any car either; how about a Porsche Cayman S?
Sounds pretty enticing, yes? We’re not done yet. The use of FPPs is just a perk of the PokerStars Loyalty Program. The simple act of collecting these points allows players to climb the PokerStars Loyalty ladder. As a VIP of PokerStars, players are rewarded with special cash bonuses that not only equal the value of a PokerStars Rakeback, but can actually become much more lucrative than a normal online poker Rakeback offer.

How does a 60% PokerStars Rakeback equivalent sound? That’s exactly what players can earn if they climb their way to the top of the VIP ladder in PokerStars’ Loyalty Program. Even if you’re not as serious about online poker as a pro may be, the rewards still range from 8% and up. And these incentives are in addition to the regular deposit and reload bonuses PokerStars already offers.

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PokerStars Loyalty Program and Rakeback equivalent are based not only on FPPs, but VPP (VIP Player Points). As your VIP status increases, you will earn FPPs at a higher rate, but the VPP rate remains the same. VPPs are used by PokerStars simply to track you past, present and future VIP status.

Members of the PokerStars Loyalty Program start at the BronzeStar level. This level does not come with enough extra benefits to be considered a PokerStars Rakeback equivalent, but the more you play, the more FPP and VPP you will earn to increase your VIP level. The highest level is the Supernova Elite; and believe me, it takes a LOT of playing to get this high.

Below are the various VIP Levels of the PokerStars Loyalty Program, their respective benefits and PokerStars Rakeback Equivalents.

SilverStar – 8% PokerStars Rakeback Equivalent: The second level of PokerStars VIP Loyalty Program, players must earn 1,500 VPP in a single month to get this title. That may seem like a lot, but actually, it can be done in a single day. SilverStar awards 1.5x faster FPP accumulation, and grants access to a $50 bonus that costs 5,000 FPP. Once you trade in your points for the bonus, you’ll need to collect 350 more FPP within 90 days to clear it. The bonus is worth the equivalent of about 8% PokerStars Rakeback. However, there are much higher bonuses available for better VIP levels, so if you plan to keep climbing, save your FPPs.

GoldStar – 14% PokerStars Rakeback Equivalent: Collecting 4,000 VPPs in one month crowns a player with this title. GoldStars VIP members of the PokerStars Loyalty Program earn FPPs 2x faster, while granting access to exclusive Freerolls, special bonuses and exclusive GoldStar merchandise. The Freerolls themselves are worth it, with guaranteed prize pools of $20k weekly and $100k monthly. You can also trade in 25,000 FPP for a substantial bonus of $285. Players then have 90 days to collect 1,995 FPP to clear the bonus. Once again, this is a nice bonus, worth the equivalent of about a 14% PokerStars Rakeback, but if you still intend to climb the VIP ladder, hold off for now and save those FPPs.

PlatinumStar – 20% PokerStars Rakeback Equivalent: Earning 10,000 VPPs in a month grants this PokerStars VIP level. You’ll get 2.5x faster FPP accumulation and many more items in the FPP store, like major live poker tournament entries (WSOP, WCOOP, etc). Imagine buying your way into the $10k WSOP Main Event with FPPs! PlatinumStar members get the same access to Freerolls and other tournaments as GoldStar members receive. For 50,000 FPP, you can purchase a $650 bonus, requiring 4,550 FPPs earned in the next 90 days to clear. This bonus is equal to about 20% PokerStars Rakeback.

Supernova – 28%-35% PokerStars Rakeback Equivalent: Now we’re getting into the really profitable VIP levels, but it takes a consistently serious player to get this far. You’ll need to earn 100,000 VPPs in a year (not a month). You can collect these how and whenever you like, so long as you have them by January 1st. Your Supernova status will remain active for the entire year so long as you earn 10,000 VPPs each month.

FPPs are earned 3.5x faster, and the FPP store perks are amazing. There are many extra items, and you’ll even receive special attention, where PokerStars will try to get you anything you desire that is not already available in the store. You’ll have access to all of the SilverStar and GoldStar Freerolls, plus a weekly $50k Supernova Freeroll, plus enormous reload bonus offers and a $1,500 bonus that can be bought for 100,000 FPPs. Clearing the bonus takes 10,500 FPPs in the next 90 days. This VIP level is about the equivalent of a 28% PokerStars Rakeback.

If you maintain your Supernova level, you’ll get even more benefits each time you rack up another 100,000 VPP. Each VIP Milestone bonus costs 50k, and has a clearing requirement of FPPs equal to 5x the bonus amount, with 120 days to clear.

200k VPP = $2k Bonus
300k VPP = $3k Bonus
400k VPP = $4k Bonus
500k VPP = $5k Bonus
600k VPP = $6k Bonus
800k VPP = $8k Bonus

Taking advantage of these PokerStars Loyalty Program bonuses raises your PokerStars Rakeback equivalent to about 35%. Without the milestones, it’s about 28% PokerStars Rakeback equivalent.

Supernova Elite – Up to 60% PokerStars Rakeback Equivalent: This is the highest VIP Level in the PokerStars Loyalty Program and comes with some truly astounding benefits. You’ll get all of the features of the SilverStar, GoldStar and Supernova levels, with 5x faster FPP accumulation and even more special treatment from the online poker room. These perks don’t come easy, though. You’ll need to earn 1,000,000 (yep that’s one million) VPPs to claim this title. That’s an awful lot of VPPs, but a truly serious online poker player can achieve this. It’s actually been done in less than 3 months.

Added benefits of a Supernova Elite VIP at PokerStars include automatic free entry to the WCOOP Main Event, valued at $2,600; plus a choice of prize package deals. You can choose any two of the following major live poker tournament prize packages, each valued around $13k – WSOP Main Event, PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, APPT Sydney and EPT Monte Carlo – or, you can choose one prize package above and $10,000 to keep for yourself.

Supernova Elite members get better VIP Milestone rewards, too. The FPPs trade-in amount and clearing requirements are the same as Supernova - 50,000 FPP to purchase and 5x bonus amount FPP in 120 days to clear. If you have this status in the PokerStars Loyalty Program, these requirements are absurdly easy to fulfill.

1.25m VPP = $10k Bonus
1.5m VPP = $10k Bonus
1.75m VPP = $10k Bonus
2m VPP = $20k Bonus
2.25m VPP = $10k Bonus
2.5m VPP = $10k Bonus
2.75m VPP = $10k Bonus
3m VPP = $20k Bonus

Online poker players who are truly sincere in their desire to play the game consistently can take advantage of the Supernova Elite VIP status, equal to as much as 60% PokerStars Rakeback. That is much higher than any online poker room that offers a regular Rakeback program.

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