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Sit and Go Tournaments

In all of the online poker rooms the Sit and Go tournaments have quickly become one of the most popular games. There is a lot of money to be made from playing Sit and Go’s if you just know the basics of Sit and Go play and are very good at keeping records of the games you play. These games are available at all times when you are playing online but they are also quickly becoming very popular in the brick-and-mortar poker rooms. There are a lot of players who participate in these tournaments just for the fun of it and to pass some time, but if you really put an effort into tracking your game properly you will find yourself becoming a winning poker player. A lot of players are having problems knowing how well they are performing in the Sit and Go tournaments overall. The main reason for this is that they do not keep records of their play and in that way it will become very difficult to know how you stand against the competition. In this article we will go over all the things you need to know in order to track your Sit and Go play and how to interpret the results. I you follow these tips that we have written down you will be well on your way to becoming a profitable poker player.

Place Finished

The information that you collect will tell you a lot about the parts that you can improve about your game. If you finish in 7th to 10th place in a lot o the tournaments this means that you are getting involved in too many hands that are marginal at the early stages of the Sit and Go. You also need to track how often you go out on the bubble (usually 4th place). If you exit a lot o the tournaments on the bubble this means that you will have to loosen up your game a bit and not always just try to squeeze your way into the money.

ITM – In the Money

In the money is the percentage of games where you have played and finished in a top position and won a prize. Calculating your ITM percentage is very important for you as you will need these figures to tell you how often you are ending up in money paying positions. You calculate your ITM percentage according to the formula below.

Number of finishes in the money / Total number of games played = ITM %

When you track your ITM percentage it will allow you to see how often you are finishing up in the money and if you are a part of a poker forum you can compare your stats to other profitable players. If you have an ITM percentage of around 40% this is considered to be good. If your percentage is 45% or higher this is considered to be great.

ROI – Return on Investment

Return of investment is the profit that you make per tournament that you participate in, ROI is usually calculated in percentage for as everyone is playing at different stakes. When you are participating in a tournament you have to see it as an investment that you are making and your job is to get the most profit out o this investment. Calculating your ROI is really the most valuable tool that you as a Sit and Go player have. When you calculate your ROI and get the percentage you will see exactly how much money you are making and how well you are compared to other Sit and Go players. In the example below we will show you how to calculate your ROI.

Your profit from all the SNG’s played / Total sum paid to enter these tournament = ROI %

We will now explain how to calculate your ROI in a concrete example. In the example below we have taken the stats of a player who has played 200 $10+1 9-player Sit and Go’s at a room like PokerStars for example.

1st place ($45): 30 $1350 2nd place ($27) 20 $540 3rd place ($18) 30 $540

Total 80 $2430

200 x $11 = $2200 in entry fees

$2430 - $2200 = $230 Profit

We will now calculate this players ROI using the formula we gave you before.

$230 (Profit) / $2200 (Tournament fees) = 0.105 = 10.5% ROI.

As you can see this player paid $2200 in entry fees and after 200 games played he had made a profit of $230. This means that he invested $2200 to win $230 which gives him a 10.5% ROI.

When playing at the stakes $22 and lower a ROI of 7% is said to be good and if you have an ROI of 10% or above you are considered a great player at these levels. But if you later go on to move up in stakes you can’t expect to keep the same high ROI as the competition is much better. When you are playing at the stakes $100 or higher it is considered to be good if you can keep an ROI of 5% and if you have a ROI of 7% or more you are a great player at these stakes.

The reason why we used 200 games as an example is because that is the lowest number of games you have to play in order to get some meaningful stats. And the more games you keep adding to your database the more accurate your stats will become.

Not all Sit and Go’s are the same

It is very important to choose the right poker room when you intend to start playing SNG’s for a living. The payout structure and the tournament fees vary a lot from the different poker rooms and if you are playing at a room where the fees are too high then that will greatly impact your overall ROI. For serious poker players we would recommend Full Tilt Poker or PokerStars as they are currently the best option for SNG players.


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