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Absolute Poker Blackjack

Absolute Poker was one of the first online poker rooms to integrate a Blackjack game into their poker software. While playing poker at you can also play Blackjack at the same time in a separate window. This is a great feature for those of us who enjoy playing Blackjack as well as poker and it makes it a lot less boring to sit and wait for your hand to be dealt at the poker tables as you will be busy playing Blackjack in between hands.

Blackjack Stakes at Absolute Poker

The stakes at the Blackjack table at Absolute Poker range from as little as $1 per hand up to the maximum bet of $500 per hand. But since you are able to play up to three hands at the Blackjack table at the same time the actual max bet per deal is $500 if you are a real action junkie.

Blackjack Rules at

The Blackjack rules at AbsolutePoker are a bit different from the normal Blackjack game at your regular online casino. At the Absolute Poker Blackjack you will be able to “Surrender” your hand after being shown your first two cards and one of the dealer’s hole cards. When choosing to surrender your hand you will get half your stake back and the hand will be over. Let’s say that you have a 10 and a 6 for a total of 16 and you are up against the dealer who has an ace faced up, then you might want to surrender that hand and salvage 50% of your stake instead of risking it all since you will most likely lose a hand like this one.

Another thing that is a bit different at the AP Blackjack game is that the dealer will always have to hit on soft 17, so if the dealer has for example a 6 and an ace he will always have to draw at least another card even if his soft 17 has you beat.

Other than these two things it is Blackjack as usual at Absolute Poker.

Royal Match Side bet at AbsolutePoker Blackjack

When playing online Blackjack at Absolute Poker you will be able to place small side bets on what is known as the “Royal Match”. When betting on the Royal Match you will be placing a bet that the first two cards are suited and the payouts will differ depending on what cards come up.

The pay table for the Royal Match bet is the following:

First 2 card suited K and Q will pay 20 to 1.

Any suited Blackjack hand will pay 3 to 1.

First two cards suited will pay 1.5 to 1.

The maximum bet on the Royal Match is $1 and to be honest we don’t see why anyone would want to play on this feature as the odds are terrible when you actually manage to win and in the best case scenario you can pick up a $20 win from this side bet. If you really feel you need some extra side action you can go ahead and play the Royal Match bet but we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

How many decks are used at Absolute Poker Blackjack?

AP Blackjack is using a total of 6 decks in their shoe and these decks are re-shuffled at the start of every hand (so no point counting cards here folks).

Earn Status Points by playing Blackjack

It is now possible to earn Status Points by playing Blackjack at Absolute Poker. Previously it was only possible to earn these points by playing at the poker tables but that has been changed in order to cater for those of us who enjoy the Blackjack tables just as much.

For every $25 that you wager at the Blackjack tables at Absolute Poker you will be earning one Status Point that will count towards increasing your FAME status. These Status Points can later be used to buy some cool stuff from the Absolute Poker Rewards Store.

150% Deposit Bonus up to $500

If you have never played at Absolute Poker before you are able to get a 150% poker bonus on your first deposit if you create your account using the Absolute Poker referral code PSITEORGAP. Kindly note that you will not be able to clear this bonus by playing Blackjack, this bonus can only be released by playing at the poker tables.

Is the game fair at Absolute Poker Blackjack?

There are some rumours flying around out there that the Blackjack games at Absolute Poker is rigged but these kinds of rumours are haunting just about every online casino out there. But since this is a hot subject we have written an article about it where you can read our conclusion on the subject.


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