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Playing Position

Many players find it hard to be a consistent winner at their current level at cash games. The biggest cause for this is they do not do the simple things right, so in this article we will go through some top tips for poker cash games.

Keeping a Solid Bankroll for your current limit

Most losing players do not have a convincing strategy for bankroll management and therefore, lose their entire balance by playing at limits to high for themselves. The advised strategy is to keep ten times the maximum buy-in of whatever your current limit is, and to not move up limits until you have reached ten times that maximum buy-in. For example, to play $1/2 NL I should have a bankroll of at least $2000 and shouldn’t move up to $2/4 until I have $4000. This is a fairly safe proof way to secure your bankroll although some feel this is too risky and prefer twenty or thirty times the maximum buy-in.

Although the ten times strategy is advised repeatedly throughout the internet, I would recommend you keep as many buy-ins you find necessary to feel comfortable while playing. This should help you get through bad patches and avoid tilt.

Find the most profitable game for you

There are so many types of cash games available for players it is sometimes hard to figure out which you will make the most profit at. If you think about it logically, and even check stats from poker software, you will be able to find the most profitable game for you.

For example, if you lose patience fast, play 6 max turbo games or even open up a couple more tables and start multi-tabling. Also don’t fix something that isn’t broken. If you are having great success at NL Hold’em, don’t try to diversify into Omaha when there is no need for you to. This also applies to moving up limits. If you are constantly crushing one limit but find it hard doing the same when moving up, just stick to your current level until you are fully prepared to move.

Differentiating between other forms of poker

Cash games aren’t a completely different animal to multi-table tournaments and sit-n-go’s. The main objective in the latter two is to win every single chip available; this is not the case for cash game. Your main goal is to win money, but plays such as stealing on the button become less important in cash games. You don’t need to win every chip, just make the most of your big hands and get rid of the junk, regardless of the position.

Learn to multi-table

Once players learn how to effectively multi-table they see their profit sky rocket. Your win rate on each separate table may decrease due to not fully concentrating on just one, but once you combine the amount of profit made from each table, you will easily surpass that of which you would have made from not multi-tabling.

Keeping player notes and using poker software

In cash games you will often find yourself playing against the regulars repetitively, so making use of poker software and notes becomes essential. Making notes on individuals will become a huge advantage when facing a tough decision against a player you have come across before. Poker software is also key to cash game success. You will be able to find hidden leaks in your game which you would never have noticed without the aid of the software, meaning you can polish your game and become a better, more profitable poker player. Also it acts as a hand history database, which allows you to observe previous sessions to analyse and spot your weaknesses.


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