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Poker Pot Odds

Pot Odds are perhaps the most drastically under used strategic methods of poker analysis among new players. It should first be recognized that the importance of pot odds and the edge they can statistically endow to those that properly use them is significant. Improper use of pot odds is a common mistake of new players and will not yield the same amount of success that pot odds truly can have on ones average game. Implied odds are very closely tied with pot odds and the two combined can strengthen each other even more.

When first using pot odds it can be a bit tricky and hard to do, but the simple fact is that it requires a good amount of practice to become good at an effective speed. The general idea behind pot odds is the use of mathematics to help you determine if the risk is comparable to the payoff and the chances of actually winning. The best way to understand this is through an example and if this is your first experience with pot odds then don’t worry if you need to read it twice, it is complicated and very difficult to put simply in words.

Our example is that you have two cards of a similar suit in your hand at the same time two more cards of that same suit are in the flop. Now you have a flush draw or a four flush. The probability that you actually make that flush is the number of cards left in the deck of that suit that you could actually use. Now the math helps to represent the cards you in fact can use against those that will not help your hand in any way.

In our example the math sets up a ratio of 38 to 9, this is because there are five cards out of the deck (the two hole cards and the three from the flop) the sum of those numbers is 47 (52 card deck 47 + 5 = 52). The 9 is the result that there are actually only nine cards left in the suit that you need to make your flush. The 38 in our ratio is from 47 – 9, since the nine is our cards we need and so the 38 represents those numbers we don’t want. This ratio of 38:9 can be simplified down to 4:1 this number is recognized as our card odds.

This ratio is only half of what we need; it can easily be seen why this could method could take a lot of time and practice to be good at just that first half and determining your card odds. The second half is a bit simpler however can still have some rough qualities. The next ratio is based on the money you stand to make versus the money you have to risk. Let us say in our example that the pot is at $100 and you need to put in $10 to call. The odds are therefore 10:1 which are very good odds since you only are risking one tenth the money you stand to make and as a result you will statistically make significantly more money that you will lose in the long run.

Most odds won’t exist as nicely which can result in some difficulty in resulting calculations but most of the time it is not as bad as card odd calculations. Pot odds will also not be as nice as 10:1 most will be much lower like 4:1 or 3:1 or 2:1 which can make it much less profitable to take those chances. Now since 10:1 is a greater ratio than 4:1, based on purely pot odds your decision should be to take the risk.

This coupled with other methods can really give backbone to your decisions and help you making those tough choices. If nothing else it can help you remind yourself that you are making the ‘right’ mathematical decision even on those bad beats!


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