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Picking Up Poker Tells In Live and Online Games

Great poker players can have many characteristics but the one that most of the population is envious over is the ability to read people. Reading people can have many connotations but in poker it most commonly means calling bluffs.

The ability to catch your opponent in a bluff is a great skill first off it means more money in your pocket and everyone wants that. Calling bluffs is as hard as being a good bluffer, and they usually go hand in hand. However a lot of emphasis may be put on the innate ability some players may have; but most poker players didn’t start out being great at calling bluffs and no newer player should expect if of themselves. There are tons of clues to help players read others at the table and they should be worried about learning those skills than hoping to magically become a natural.

Finding poker tells is the biggest skill to hone when training to call bluffs. Poker tells are a complete topic on their own but in short they are when your body deceives you and allows a manifestation of your emotion or knowledge to express itself to the table in some way or another. Poker tells can include things like sweating, blinking, and twitching; these things can happen systematically in correspondence with any kind of thing. Perhaps the opponent is sweating because he just got horrible cards or even because he got good cards or perhaps because he didn’t hit the flop maybe he is twitching because he knows he shouldn’t be chasing you but is anyways.

Things like this may take some time to discover but at any level a poker player should recognize the opportunity for exploit this situation. In many cases tells can be associated with bluffs and that is where it can help the most!

Another point of interest, especially regarding online tells, is positioning and bet pattern in any one hand. Remembering who bet when and how much is one of the earliest struggles new poker players can face when first playing competitively but with practice it comes more easily. It is so important because the way an opponent bets can provide a lot of information to you when playing against him or even when your not in the hand.

Every little piece of information can help you get more in tuned with your opponents. For example players may bet big before the flop but then hold back and just call after the flop this can mean many things depending on their play style. If they are conservative players that may mean they didn’t hit and you now have more reason to call him or her on his or her bluff. Aggressive players may over-bet and try to buy the pot in which case it would be in your interest to call him on his poor bluff.

On the flip side a player may have not played ten hands and then all of a sudden started playing big, this may suggest he is a tight player and just got the hand he wanted which may be relatively strong, in which case you as the player should hold off. What it comes down to is the fact that no information alone will help you call a bluff but if you effectively analyze all the information available to you it can provide you with the correct answers to all your questions.



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