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Bonus of the Month

Learning Implied Odds

Implied odds can be a mental horror to deal with on every hand. Statistical odds in general can easily claim the hardest of all the strategies typically used by poker players. Implied odds are a bit easier to quickly think of than your pot odds but are also less factual and less consistent.

Implied odds highly rely on the actions of your opponent(s) and therefore have an exceptionally high degree of uncertainty associated with them. However when you get right down to it implied odds are not difficult to comprehend and not that bad to put into practice but the information from implied odds is far from any stand alone deciding factor in any decision.

Implied odds take into account the amount of money in the pot as well as what is expected to be in the pots. It’s this simple idea that creates the confusion and uncertainty with implied odds. For example: in a pot that is $100 that costs $10 to get into will give you pot odds of about 10 to 1. The implied odds take into consideration the other players that may also join this pot. So perhaps you think two of the other eight players will join in this pot, this makes your implied odds 12:1. This is all hypothetical and that is where much of the credit is lost.

For implied odds to properly reflect a well established number you need to know to a decent degree your opponents and their actions. Knowing your opponent pays off in doubles when you can couple that knowledge of an opponent’s play style with implied odds to help your statistics even more.

Implied odds are more of a tipping point strategy for most players. Since there is so much doubt in the mathematics and it relies so highly on your understanding of your opponents the result is that you have a high degree of uncertainty. So when your pot odds and your intuition cannot decide whether or not to make that call or whether to fold, perhaps the implied odds that you can project may help you to make that tight call and make it with some sort of reason backing it up. The math may prove to be difficult but if you using pot odds as well then this is relative easy to calculate off of those numbers you will already have figured out. It cannot be reiterated enough that players need to not use implied odds on their own, it is ineffective if not used with other informational strategies and methods.

Both these strategies need to be recognized and can have their pay offs, both are exceptionally dependent on the opponent. Playing small pair cards is dangerous and are most of the card combinations that need to be played directly to your opponent. By that it is meant you need to play the hand to best counter the psychology and movements of the other poker players at the table with you to best achieve the largest stack.


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