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How to Play during the Final Table of a Multi-Table Poker Tournament

So, you have made it all the way to the final stage of a multi-table tournament. Well done! Now what can you do to ensure you finish as high up that leader board as possible. We have a general strategy and some tips to ensure you make the most out of your last several hours of play.

First of all, you should have a quick glance around the table and take note of player stacks. Most players tend to tighten up their play if they notice players who have very few chips out, and considering most multi-table tournaments pay out structure is top heavy, it is no wonder they do this. However you can take full advantage of this. If you find that most of your opponents seem to be playing tight to see out the short stacks, ensure you become the aggressor. The short stacks will also be playing incredibly tight to hang on, in a bid to finish a couple of places higher on the leader board so taking full advantage of them is key too.

It shouldn’t be too long before these players are out and play resumes as normal. You will now need to tighten up and resort back to your old strategy to confuse your opponents and mix up your play. Your strategy at this point will depend entirely on your chip size. If you have a large chip stack, you should still be trying to influence the table with your presence and bully your opponents. If you have a smaller stack you need to find a spot to double or, or at the very least, win a big pot. It shouldn’t be too hard to take down a good amount of pots because many players will not want to let the opportunity of a final table slip away, and therefore play extremely tight and passive.

Once short handed, play should become much more aggressive. Your opponents will be highly skilled and will most likely have been in this position before and know how to act. Hand strength pre-flop is now adjusted and any ace will likely be strong and worthy of a raise. Pocket pairs will also be extremely strong and a hand worthy of going all-in with in most circumstances.

Once you are heads up your strategy should change dramatically. To get a more detailed view of how you should play, please view our article “How to Play Heads up Sit N Go’s” as this is the strategy you should adopt for this stage in the tournament. However, in brief, you need to be become the aggressor of the heads up. If you let yourself be bullied around and concede your blinds too often, it is likely you will not last long enough to be dealt a premium hand as blinds will be exceedingly high.

Hopefully, you should now be in a good position to take down a multi-table tournament the next time you appear at a final table.

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