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Common Novice Mistakes

Beginner players at any game make several mistakes while starting out, and there is no exception for poker players. The big difference is however; when a poker player makes mistakes it loses them money. Soon into your poker career you will have to learn how to stop making these mistakes in order to make a profit, but first you need to identify what mistakes you are making. To help you do this, we will go through the most common mistakes among poker players which cause them to make a loss instead of profit.

Playing For Fun

If you enter a cash game or tournament with the mind set of playing to have fun, 9/10 you will leave the table with a reduced bankroll. You have to ensure you enter a game fully focused and set on making money. As you will know a huge part of poker is based around psychology and players moods, so entering a game with a negative attitude will only lead to negative outcomes.

Taking forum information for granted

By all means, poker forums are a great, free resource for sharpening your poker skills. However taking what members say on forums as gospel, will lead to trouble down the line. Only a small percentage of players make a profit at poker, and most of them will not waste precious playing time helping their opponents better their skills. This means most of a poker forum community is made up of bad players. So when reading a post on a forum, ensure you take what is being said with a pinch of salt, as most players do not fully understand the game of poker, and will be giving you unhelpful, false advice as a result.

Not learning key fundamentals early on

When first learning poker, it is important to focus on the topics which make you money in the game. By learning and understanding advanced strategy on position early on in your career will give you a great edge on most poker players, which in turn should lead to you becoming a successful player. However, if you chose not to research and learn about poker before you go in head first, you can pick up bad habits which will be hard to rectify down the line, causing leaks in your game which will cost you a considerable amount of money each and every session you play.

Adopting Poor Bankroll Management

Having a poor bankroll management is the fastest cause of going bust. Putting all of your bankroll onto a table is far too much risk, as within one hand your online bankroll could be wiped out. New players see the previous scenario the complete opposite however, and feel it is an opportunity to double their bankroll within one hand. Keeping ten times the maximum buy-in of your current limits is a rough guide as to how you should manage yourself.

Playing too many hands

Every poker player will play too many hands when starting out. They don’t have a gauge on what hands are worthy of calling and which are not, which leads to them calling almost every hand they are dealt. This needs to be resolved early on to reduce the amount you of money you lose. On average a solid player will play around 20% of hands dealt to them, whereas a new player may play 60-70%. However some players stick to a loose style of play even after they have learnt all about poker. Some make a huge profit and the most well known player who uses this strategy is Gus Hansen.

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