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6 Max Sit-n-Go Strategies

Six max Sit N Go’s are completely different to full ring games, where the main strategy is to play tight at first then aggressive towards the end. If you are an aggressive player, six max Sit N Go’s are almost perfect for you, as they are geared towards fast paced action and plenty of it. It is an important fact that 33% of entrants will make money in a 6 max, and 16% will make a 3.5x return on their buy-in. To make sure you are that 16% a high percentage of the time, you need to adapt a winning Sit N Go poker strategy. We will go through some of the steps to the perfect strategy.

Play Aggressive

Players who are new to six max Sit N Go’s often adapt the same strategy as they would in any normal game. They play tight and aggressive, a combination which will not work in these tournaments. To be successful in these games you must play aggressively. The reason you cannot play tight is because of the blinds, and the increased amount you will see. As there are less players you face the blinds almost two times as many times in a normal game, so sitting tight and waiting for good hands will put a huge dent in your stack.

But, just because we advise you play aggressively, we don’t not recommend playing every hand. Just pick your spots wisely and bet out at your opponents. Position is not so much a key factor in six max games as full ring, so stealing blinds from most positions is easily doable; you just have to know your opponents first.

Buying the button

As we mentioned above, position is much more valuable in full ring games then six max, but the button is still hugely powerful. In six max Sit N Go’s it is important to make full use of the tool “buying the button”. This is where you have to act before the button, but make a raise in which only one or both of the blinds call. You therefore have the powerful position of being last to act, a position normally obtained by the button. When you have got yourself into this position you are almost obliged to fire out a continuation bet, which will most likely win you the pot.

Bully your opponents

When you are 3 handed, the bubble, you need to start putting pressure on your remaining opponents by becoming the aggressor. You will find a lot of your opponents just playing to reach the top two by avoiding as many hands as they possibly can. This is where you can pick up a high percentage of the blinds, putting you in a great position to win the tournament.

You may also find yourself sitting among players who are playing exactly like this. It is important to not tighten up and allow them to bully you, you must show strength and give them a warning you will not be pushed around. When you feel they may be representing a strong hand, fire a raise back. If you got your read correct, it will put you in a great position and will make your opponent think twice about every move he makes against you.

These are just a few tips to help you on your way to becoming a six max Sit N Go master!


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