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Bonus of the Month

Matrix Tournaments at FullTilt Poker

Online poker rooms are constantly looking for the next big thing to offer their players, sometimes reaching the farthest limits of online poker. Fulltilt has its own interpretation of an extreme tournament—Matrix Tournaments.

These tournaments consist of you plus 8 x 4. You play against those same 8 people, simultaneously on 4 tables. It’s actually the place where sit & go fuses with multi-table play. Not only is there a Sit & Go prize for each table, there is a performance score award that pays cash too to the Matrix winner.

To understand the depth of the Matrix tourney, take into consideration a regular 9-player Sit & Go. You sit down with eight other players until there’s a heads up. The Matrix tournament is just like that, but you will be at four tables with the same players, playing hands at each of the four tables, waiting for a heads up at 4 tables.

The Score

For every opponent you outlast, you will earn one Matrix Survival Point. In addition, two Knockout Points will be awarded to you for every player you knock out at each table. You can find your score for each individual table listed in the Tournament Lobby under “SCORE BY MATCH.” All points for the entire tourney are listed under “MATRIX SCORE.” You will also find three category headings in the tournament lobby that will express the “Earned” score (combined Survival and Knockout Points from each of the four tables), the “Max” score(the max amount of points that can be won if a player wins every Knockout and Survival Point remaining on every table where they are still in), and the “Projected” score (the estimated total score for a Matrix player-the best way to tell where you stand at any given moment.

Normally awarded to the top 3 positions, just like at a regular Sit & Go, the Matrix prize pool is paid out on top of the individual 4 table top 3 payouts. This pool is made up of the tournament buy-in for each of the 9 players, divided up among the top 3 winners (i.e. nine players @ $10 + $1 = $90 total Matrix prize pool). However, if you win every table, you will become the Dominatrix, entitling you to the top prize for each table, plus the grand prize Matrix prize pool.

Game Requirements

Your computer/connection must be able to handle 5 open table windows at once (one for each table and one for the Tourney Lobby). Apparently, if you need to have more than this amount of tables open at one time (like if you are going to play in the Matrix and a ring game at the same time—that would be impressive), you can contact FullTilt and they will up your table limits.

Where to Find Them

These tournaments can be found under the “Sit & Go” tab in the game software. Then click “All” or “Matrix” tabs within the S&G lobby and locate tourneys noted with the “M” symbol. Then “Register Now.”


These tournaments will be a welcomed challenge for the player who joins 2+ tournaments at the same time and clicks back and forth between the games, or the one who joins a couple of tournaments and gets in a cash game too. If you are that player, who is good at juggling between tables and hands, or one who gets bored with just one tournament going on, the Matrix is for you.


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