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Bonus of the Month

Bovada Poker Loyalty Program & Rakeback

Bovada Poker is one of the top ranking online poker rooms, especially for US players. There are a multitude of high quality aspects that attribute to this status. Unfortunately, a Bovada Poker Rakeback is not one of them – at least not in the technical sense of Bovada Poker Rakeback.

The fact is, by making the most of Bovada Poker’s Loyalty Program, you can not only earn the equivalent of a Bovada Poker Rakeback, but substantially more.

Bovada Poker actually promotes a “Cash Back” incentive that is very similar to a Bovada Poker Rakeback. As you play online poker at Bovada, you earn points by contributing to the rake and paying tournament fees. At the end of the month, these points are converted into cash-back rewards, so essentially, you are still earning a portion of your rake back at Bovada Poker.

Bovada Poker awards a maximum of $2,500 per month to each player. It takes a good bit of playing to earn enough points to collect such a high reward, but even a mediocre player who commonly breaks even when playing online poker can turn that into straight profits through the Bovada Poker Loyalty Program.

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I must make clear that there is no actual Bovada Poker Rakeback offer, in the literal meaning of the term. A Rakeback is normally something provided by an online poker affiliate, who gets a percentage of the player’s contributed rake, then in turn gives a portion of that back to the player. There is no third-party involvement – the Bovada Poker Rakeback/Cash Back promotion is strictly a part of the Bovada Poker Loyalty Program.

Essentially receiving a Rakeback offer from Bovada Poker directly is monumentally more rewarding than getting paid through a third party web site who is skimming their own cut from the top.

The Bovada Poker Loyalty Program provides a Rakeback equivalent to players who collect Comp Points. Comp Points are awarded for every raked hand a player participates in, as well as for paying tournament fees (not to be confused with buy-ins). Once a player collects 2,000 Comp Points, they can be converted into $20 cash. The maximum conversion per month is 25,000 Comp Points, equaling $2,500.

Bovada Poker takes a rake of 5% from each cash-game pot, capped at $3 per hand. Since the players are only playing against other real players, the online poker room does not profit in any other way. The rake taken provides the online poker room with funds to continue its operation.

The Bovada Poker Loyalty Program awards Comp Points in relation to the rake contributed in a single pot, with a maximum of 1 point per hand. The following chart displays how many Comp Points a player earns according to the rake taken.

$0.05-$0.20 Rake = 0.10 Comp Points
$0.25-$0.45 Rake = 0.25 Comp Points
$0.50-$0.95 Rake = 0.50 Comp Points
$1.00-$3.00 Rake = 1.00 Comp Points

Suffice to say that while some of the best online poker rooms do not provide an actual Rakeback program, by taking full advantage of the Bovada Poker Loyalty Program, members can actually earn the equivalent of, if not more than, that of a true Bovada Poker Rakeback.

Visit our Bovada Bonus page to signup for the best offers available at Bovada Life Poker.


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